We are building this website for our dogs that we recently acquired as the result of a fence jumping between parents. While these dogs were never meant to be, we intend to make them the beginning of our own line of hunting dogs. The purpose of this website is to have a place to establish a public record of the ancestry and progress of our dogs. We intend to create a line of catch/lurch dogs for coyote, hogs,  and possibly bear in the future. We have started with four dogs....Daisy Duke, Little Naja, Tank and King and a good imagination. These are 2 bitches and 2 males from the same litter. They are 50% Dogo Canario, 25% Donovan Pinscher and 25% Belgian Mallinois. Given the PROVEN lines our dogs have come from, we are definitely working on building some unique hunting dogs. Our biggest challenge will be endurance for the chase. If you have experienced dogs that you are willing to run with ours or have similar dogs that you are willing to breed, give us a call at 517-579-7102 anytime. Ask for Pete.


Naja, mother of our dogs. (Dogo Canario) Naja makes a great house pet/estate dog with a great personality and a high pack drive.
Koa, father of our dogs at 6 months old.
(Belgian Malinois and Donovan Pinscher)
Koa has gone on to succeed well in protection work with a bite that will never be forgotten by anybody that has worked this dog.
Adriano is a very typical Dogo Canario in all aspects and the grandpa of our dogs(naja's dad). Adriano was confirmed as "excellent" by a Spanish Dogo Canario Specialist Judge. He holds a DCCA and MolosserStock Championship.  He is also pointed under Rarities.

Adriano is the winner of the 2003 National Specialty!

He has a TAN temperament certificate and is very Dogo Canario: stable, stubborn, outgoing and protective! 

100% Typical Dogo Canario!!!

Adriano(Naja's dad) and Basto (Basto is Naja's litter mate, an impressive Dogo Canario) These two dogs have more accomplishments then we would ever need to list. Very well rounded working class dogs to say the least!!
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